Thursday, March 31, 2011

Carricatures of B class

I fail so bad when it comes to drawing real people, especially caricatures

Monday, March 28, 2011

If looks could kill

Paine is my favorite original character. She was the first female character I really liked so I paid a lot of attention on her.

I might color this later.

Layout- Wakfu

For layout project, Komza made us redraw storyboard scenes of an existing video game/ movie.

I decided to do Wakfu

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Feel like procrastinating on storyboard. So I did a quick paint of Toph

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Remember the food fight? Yeah these guys ended up getting arrested. Not the first for Paine nor Ninja XD

Evil Mickey

So what does your version of Mickey Mouse look like?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Path to Heaven- 24 hour animation film

So finally, here's my 24 hour animation film.

Audio and narration both belongs to Silent Hill 3 (Konami)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Character Timeline

I had fun making a cat version of Ezio for character timeline :D But I couldn't include his name when I hand it to Enzo, since apparently we can't make characters based on other characters... -_-

Avatar Fever

Recently I started re-watching the Avatar series. Toph was my favorite character :D Cause she kicks ass and doesn't whine like Katara (yes, I don't like her <_<)

And then Zuko would may be my 2nd favorite. He did whine a lot and was a total emo in most of the episodes, but he's a fire bender, which is cool :D

I might add the rest of Team Avatar and color them. It depends :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Friends collab

When you hang out with people who are as crazy as you, this is what happens XD

Introducing Venus :D Tomorrow will be the debut of her boyfriend.

On a none crazier note-


The people who were part of both collabs included me, Lee, Annie, Leah, Stacy, and Winona

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cast your shadow

I fail at titles :| I reeally do.

Anyways, so here are some sketch dumps during the week. First up is the random character turn during when Maury wsa showing that god awful scene from Petshop of Horrors (no offence to anyone who likes it) where Seymour serenades to whatsherface.  I got bored and drew the kid of the left. I liked the design and wondered what he would look like front view-wise. I liked that and since I still had enough space for one more, I did his back view. His legs for front and back didn't turn so great but it's okay for half an hour work Imagine 2 years ago if I was drawing a character turn around. Would have taken me months. This only took me half an hour. I like how I've improved over the years.

And then during Kaj's lecture, I got a little bored watching all that old cartoons shows. I'm not saying I'm complaining; I love most of the cartoons he shows us during class, but these were cartoons I wasn't really into. Btw, our year saw a picture of Kaj being friends with a tiger :D It was so cute.

But anyways, I didn't know what to draw so Annie suggested I draw people dancing to tango (?). I was like well that's new, and I started thinking "Who was my sexiest character?" It was none other than the deadly Paine. Yes, she is my most sexiest, beautiful character. I made sure of that. Annie didn't know it was her at first but once I started coloring her hair she had her doubts and I confirmed it to her that it was Paine. She thought it was sexy at first, but when she realized it was the same person who did Sherry wrong, she had second thoughts XD

Also, the man she's with is her boyfriend, Ryo. Though his design seems so different from his usual one. :/

And last but not least, Maureen made us draw objects that casts shadows to other objects. That's what we did during the whole class. I had a fun and strange conversation with half of the group on the table I was in XD.

Vengeful Villain

So I had an art trade with Andy. I made him draw a panda for me, which is just fricking adorable :D And he made me draw a villain. This is like a whole new style for me so it took me a while. It looks pretty okay :/

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Assassin's mission

So for layout, Komza had us pair up and told us to do a rough layout sketch then switch with their partner to clean it up.

Since I couldn't think of a good layout, I had this character

and drew her along in a coliseum

Lee was not pleased when she had to do all the pillars and windows XD But she did pretty great

And I decided to do a collab with Annie and Stacey again, this time in a more, subtle and nice manner, which Annie doesn't have to tear her eyes out when looking at it XD

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sleeping panda

For layout assignment "Textures"

*facepalm* Never again

Only showing the original one <_<

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ROM drawings

Had fun going to ROM with Winona and Lee, got some animal drawings done. Still suck at them but I'm learning XD