Sunday, April 17, 2011

First year paintings

Alright, I am ashamed to show this, but I did promise I would submit my paintings once the year is over. So I present to you the crappiest paintings I could come up with.

This one, Maureen had us paint textures. It's an Orange, a mini Domo keychain, a shell and my phone.

For this one we had to do Master Copy; basically paint an existing background from an animated movie. I chose Mulan.

For these 2, we were to do opposites (warm and cool, interior and exterior, etc). This probably was my crappiest paintings out of the ones I submitted.

Then there was Ficto Planet. For the life of me I could not think of anything but plants that day..... So I ended up with this. I ended up sort of liking it kind of? A big thanks to Winona for helping me with this painting. She gave me a lot of suggestions and tips and critiques.

My second favorite of the painting assignment (mostly because of the 2nd painting). This was for Emotional places; we were to paint the same layout with a different color scheme for each. I never found out how Maureen felt about the 2nd one since that class was the only day she decided not to do critiques....

I think, along with the opposites assignment, Novel Interior was my weakest painting. It took me so long to find a good novel with enough description. I ended up choosing Memoirs of a Geisha. Still, it's pretty weak and ugly if I do say so myself.

And my favorite out of all of them; Character-in-Setting. I had meant to paint a ship rather than a dungeon. I even had a layout ready....then I forgot I didn't know how to paint. It took me a while to get a good idea. But with the help of repeatedly watching Sinbad and Tangled, I ended up with this. And it turned out to be my personal fave if I do say so myself.


  1. Cool paintings, I saw the last one on the wall downstairs =)

    keep it up!