Friday, August 19, 2011

Sketch dumping during my accounting program

So I found the books I drew on during my one year in an accounting program. It's amazing, during that dull year, I was still pretty creative.

 I actually like her clothing design so I might use this later for reference...

 Some sort of tribe. Be friendly now or those pointy objects are going to aim right at your face.

Emillie playing (possibly) a (sad) song

Inspired by the Doubt manga (the good one)

A kingdom hearts inspired armor, with my character inside.

Dunno why I drew this...

His name is Liao Hong... I don't know if that has any meaning or not :|

Cracked up version of Alice in Wonderland...

Was going to use this as the Earth deity for my now dropped project.

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  1. These sketches are so cool! I remember drawing a comic strip while I was in my accounting class too. You could have been a very creative and artistic accountant. Well, I guess you were destined to be the animator that you are now.

    -Darcy Grubaugh