Monday, January 17, 2011

Morbid mood

yeeep, like the title indicates, I was in a very morbid mood today. Seriously, we even freaked the crap out of this guy that was sitting beside me and my friends during lunch (though then again, that was also because we were talking about 'pervy' things as well XD). But yeah

I really like this one though. I like the idea where you go to a random cubicle in the library and you don't even know there's a dead body like opposite to yours XD. I wonder how many are going to check now after seeing this.

This one I wasn't too fond off. It was a little off and didn't really sit right :/ I dunno. I like the kid's expression though. Is he smiling because they died or did he just totally lose his mind after seeing them die one by one?

It doesn't look very believable maybe that's why I wasn't too happy with it. And hey, don't feel too bad about these guys. Seeing just the kid surviving, makes you think if these people were even good people :/


  1. Haha! Smilies in the corner of the cubicle one!

  2. Too bad the other one's really dark cause I had to adjust the levels XD