Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A few sketchies that I did for this month. Most of them I'm going to be coloring

This one's just another giant. I think I want to color/paint this later.

This one was just a random girl about to get her ass kicked.

This one was pretty cool actually. I had, again, Assassin's Creed in my mind. Then it turned into a winged guy. But I think I've got an idea for this guy.

These are 2 of my newest characters. A friend says it reminded her of Romantically Apocalyptic. I made the characters way before I was introduced to the webcomic but still...if you guys haven't read that yet, I recommend it to all. Very funny

Adding another main character for my pirate webcomic which is still currently under construction. I need help with his name this time :3
Him and Captain Maria (yes, she has a name now XD), when they were young.

The leaves were a b**** to do =_= But I like the final layout. This is again, another separate story, and I really like the idea :]

This was made during morbid week last week. This actually was from my dreams I had a few days ago. My family and I were caught captive by another family. They took my mom away, made my brother work outside, and my sister and I were forced to cook for them. The only one who was nice to us (though I never believed him) was the captor's husband. He talks to us and makes our lives easier, and then one day, while I was chopping up some food (and planning my escape) he leaned close to my ear and whispered something to me. I couldn't hear him cause there was a commotion (or a party maybe?) outside, so I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him close to hear him. He whispered, "I can give you freedom." For some reason, I really thought it was sexually related to something, so I grabbed the knife....and I woke up. :|

This is NOT me by the way; in no way am I that skinny xD It's just a representation of my dreams.

And this was an art trade with Annie we did during lunch today. AND SHE TOO DOES HAVE HIPS!! D<