Tuesday, December 7, 2010

chameleons, snowmen, a princess and her guardian

So I'm being totally lazy right now. I'm supposed to write a 5 page essay but I'm forfeiting til like later. But do no fear. I've found a loophole to this whole thing :3

Anyways, Forgot to scan in the previous class collab from last week which were the chameleons, totally inspired by Tangled before (and still am *gleeful squeal*) And so sorry to the person's chameleon my scanner cut off -_-

And for this week, we had our first christmas theme and we did a snowman :D Like, seriously insanely creative snowmen :| Like holy crap guys. And Michel, our animation teacher even joined in on the fun xD
Shame not a lot of people signed it -_-

For Character design, Enzo had us choose an artist to research, so I did Glen Keane. I took one of my characters and made her all Keane style. It took so long, and it still doesn't even look like Glen Keane style *long sigh*

Here, I added a little romance with the princess and her guide/guardian (still really haven't made a decision on who he is) Thanks to Stacy Maynard, I was able to choose a great song for them to dance on. "Awake" by Josh Groban. Now I'm tempted to animate them dancing, but it would take a while though (probably during break).

Below, is some sort of storyboard kind of drawing of them two. One day, I'll get their profiles done :<

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