Thursday, December 23, 2010

My soul to take

Cause Andy insisted; I was going to be all cool and disappear from the blog til New Year <_<

Bah XD

So I've been drawing a lot in SAI (since I'm too lazy to scan stuff while I' m at home for the holidays...) and I really prefer doing the lineart in that program than Photoshop.

I had a major artblock yesterday so I'm quite happy I was able to do something pretty good today :D

She is one of my (psychotic) characters, who is part of a tournament I'm currently holding back in DeviantArt, called "Battle Royale". She's pretty...nice... :3 Sort of...maybe... okay, I dunno :|

This whole artwork goes well with the prayer:

                                                    Now I lay me down to sleep
                                                   I pray the Lord my soul he keep
                                                   For if I die before I wake
                                                   I pray the Lord my soul he take

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