Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Greatest artwork of randomness of all time


So I got bored during lunch so I had everyone pitch it for an idea XD It started with cowboy and ninja brofisting and I think it ended with the aswang (monster) at the left corner.

So the whole thing is basically:
-cowboy and ninja brofists
-dolphin with a bomb
-astronaut kid with a christmas hat
-cake randomly popping out of the sand
-ballet male dancer in a tutu playing the bagpipes
-staircase to heaven
-bear vs shark
-Godzilla vs tornado
-random mustache floating in the water
-Superman breaking lightning
-Octopus humping a volcano
-Cookie Monster throwing vegetables in the air
-Captain Falcon "falcon punching" a werewolf (aka Jacob from Twilight)
-crab fighting cupcakes with winges
-pedobear chasing Michael Jackson (-_-)
-aswang (monster)

1 comment:

  1. Christmas kid spaceman and evil flying cupcakes make me oh so content.