Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life Drawings and so much more

I'm not really that impressed with any of my life drawings :/ Especially my 30's and 1's. They all suck I admit it -_- Still got a looong way to go. I really need to go to extra life and I will!!! (eventually ._.) Portfolios are due tomorrow *GASP!* and Bone is next week *dies*

I've also started practicing of Glen Keane's style. Since the only thing I'm good at are drawing women (and maybe skinny girl looking dudes), I find joy in looking at his works.

Plus also the fact that I have to practice on his style for the artist research next week. This is going to be fun :D Hopefully I won't have the urge to hide under the podium ._. I need to start talking in front of an audience again (and underwear thinking doesn't help).The girl drawn below is my own character. And yes, she's a princess, with a twist! She's a WARRIOR princess! (dun dun duuuuuuun!!!!) She doesn't have a name though :/ And the guy that's always with her is like her guide, or whatever. I don't really know yet.

Here's another favorite scene of mine from Tangled. that movie. Is. AWESOME!!!

Here's my character with her crown.  It's a shitty crown. I need to recreate it.

Oh, and here's a dude with a gas mask. Took me a freaking long time to get their clothes sit right. And it still doesn't look right at all! Oh, and they're genderless. I don't really know yet if they should be a he or a she. :/ Can't really decide yet.

I've also started sketching while watching animate films. Mostly the older non disney ones. Some are still disney. It's a good quick sketch practice. Most of these are drawn by observation.

Swan Princess was a b*tch to sketch. I couldn't get their younger selves right. Then when I went to draw * *(her name escapes me at the moment), I couldn't get her eyes right at all! FFFF-!

And then, Thumbelina. Aw,  I forgot how beautiful that movie was. I love the meeting of her and the prince. It was like "d'aaaw' moment right there.

And you all remember Jaquimo(spelling?) He's so pretty!I love his character design and even his personality >.<

Quest for Camelot was okay for me to draw. Don't get me wrong, movie was great, just had a harder time to draw them while they were moving. -_-;;

YES! Sword in the Stone! MERLIN! ARTHUR! Enough said.

I hated drawing Helga. Look how skinny her neck is! That was just fail right there :/ And I admit, I cheated on the mask. Mario from Digital Tools was talking so I had to pause the movie, and while I listened, I slowly started sketching Kida's mask. Yeah, Kida's face was never finished as well :(

FernGully! Hmm, when was the last time (before today) I saw this movie? After I watched some scenes, all these memories of when I was a kid came flooding back to me. It's still a good movie, but I didn't enjoy it that much

So there's my sketchdump for the day (actually mostly half of November and just decided to add them today xD)

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  1. WHOA big update! So much nostalgia going on here!! Thanks for sharing all these, man!